Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Hawaii 2014

Hawaii F22 bad ass best fighter jet ever to be made ever...? And caught my only Hawaii bonefish right off the Honolulu airport and the adjacent air base. Fishing with Coach Duff!!!

F22 Hawaii action!!! from Chris Cooper on Vimeo.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Jump Off Test

Jump off test. from Chris Cooper on Vimeo.

Couldn't see. Fish facing dead away so I snapped the leader and fly from left to right at the end of the cast to try and give it a better presentation. He dropped so I thought spooked but just dropped down and turned to eat from underneath which is typical. Had hardly any sun but that was a nice little window but at least it ate at at a bad angle and jumped off.

Only had ONE good day of vis, day one and my stupid GoPrp crashed both times I hooked perfect fish jumping all around the skiff in great vis in my POV. Would have been awesome but I'm working with the meager shit I ended up getting.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Bluefish Black-tip action!

BLUEFUSH Blacktip action! from Chris Cooper on Vimeo.

Awesome Blacktip shark action. They aren't big sharks but in my personal top 5 for hydrodynamics, athleticism, aggression, etc. Awesome predators!

Learning GoPro

crappyvispoontestclipstring from Chris Cooper on Vimeo.

Crappy vis and learning GoPro and NASTY fish! Should have broken it off a couple times, right from the blind eat! Anyway, I would kill for some good vis. I guess it's been nice in the Keys since I'm supposed to be there right now but the Government shutdown has all my October Poon spots off limits. Crap!

One of these days I promise to get clear water, good vis carp and tarpon action. And tons of other piscatorial  species as well!  I have tons of old video that I need to process but it's a big job and I'm a technical artard....


Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Last Carps of 2013?

Last day of the crappy year I guess....

First Day 2013

firstday2013 from Chris Cooper on Vimeo.

First day of pretty crappy season.... caught 36 in this lake and lots of fish between 9 and 12lbs. Just wade fishing to check it out for skiff but water gets dirty and weedy quick.